Friday, November 21, 2008

News and new addition

Hello Everyone!
Just thought I would try out a blog and see how it turns out. I really enjoy reading my friend Clara's blog. It's fun to see what she's been up to and the neat ideas that she comes up with. The purpose of this blog is just to update friends and family on what's new with us and as a creative outlet and a place to acknowledge the special people in our lives.

I hope this will be a way to inform you all at once the latest news. Because often news get passed through many people before we have the chance to tell you ourselves. It seems as though the days fly by and before I know it too much time has passed between visits. What once was new is soon old news even before I have a chance to share it. So hopefully, you will find this blog interesting, enjoyable or even a little inspiring. Thanks to Clara she has inspired me to start my own blog.

So to catch you up on the latest:
Lane has started kindergarten this year at Carden and he is loving it! He has 29 classmates and 3 teachers not including half a dozen others that help with special subjects. Lanes favorite subject is French, Art, and of course recess. His best friend is Elvis! He will be going on his first field trip next week to the Live Oak Pumpkin Patch.

Last week, both Lane and Graham enrolled an all boy gymnastic class through the city of La Verne.

Dennis received High marks on his latest work review. I'm so proud of him:) It's o.k to brag on my husband, right?

Did you notice the blog title, Dahlia Street Designs? I'm proud to announce that my friend Bobbie and I have made our cottage business official! We named it this after the street she lives on because that is where we came up with the idea to start this cottage business and it's where we do most of the sewing together. We will have a booth at the Upland Farmers market this Thursday night and also at the La Vern's Fall Festival this Saturday. We will be selling reversible personalized Halloween trick-or-treat bags, drawstring bags that can hold everything, and our latest creation is a personalized wall hanging or pillow made from your own hand print. We have 3 sizes that can fit a child's hand print or your whole family's!

Speaking of selling items, my mom and I are Avon representatives. If your interested in buying or selling go to Check it out! Avon has some new facial products, apparel, jewelry, and seasonal products available.

Last month we celebrated my 36Th birthday. We went to Disneyland because it was the last day of our annual passes. I was having a pity party that day because I was turning 36, I'm now considered to be in my "late thirties" yikes! I was also sad it was going to be our last day at Disneyland until who knows when? Besides that I did have a really fun time. I happened to meet my favorite dancer, Mark from the show, So You Think You Can Dance, as I was waiting for Dennis and the boys to get off Star Tours. But some of my favorite people like my parents, Dusty, Christy and Caitlyn also met us there for Dinner and a few rides. Good Times!

The following day Bernice and Lyn had a wonderful birthday dinner for Me and what made it even more special is that I was able to share it with Caitlyn for the first time! Congratulations to Caitlyn for turning One on October 5th. Thank you, Lyn and Bernice for the special birthday dinner with the family.

Dusty and Christy had an all out PARTY at their house on Caitlyn's special day. The boys had a good time jumping in the jump house provided by Bob VanSetten. We liked all the food and company that they provided! Thank you Dustin and Christy for a fun afternoon!

Speaking of birthdays, Congratulations to Darci and Louis on the birth of Lily Allee. We look forward to meeting her soon!

I felt very loved and spoiled on my birthday, so Thank you to all of you! (official notes will be arriving soon at a mail box near you)

There is one gift that I'm very excited about and that was the gift Dennis gave me. Dennis had a very creative idea to make a video of the boys for my birthday gift. He had them hold up pieces of paper telling me that because they can't read that they too will be surprised along with me that we get a puppy! I will keep that video forever! Well, after a trip to every animal shelter and pound from San Bernardino to L.A. and many, many hours on the Internet, we have found the perfect puppy for us! We found her through an add in the PennySaver. My mom and I took the boys to see the puppies a couple of weeks ago and took video and pictures for Dennis to see. Dennis wasn't interested in them after seeing the video. Since then all the boys could talk about was "the white puppy with the short hair." Almost 2 weeks went by and Dennis came across the pictures I took of the puppies with the camera. After taking a better look at them he thought we should all go see them and last Saturday we brought home that "little white puppy with the short hair".

But now we need your help! We cannot come up with a name we all agree upon. The top four names are: Bella, Roxy (because she chews on rocks), Chloe, or Penny. SO Please respond back with a name you think we should call her. Then read my next blog to see if we picked the name you chose!

Thank you for taking the time to read this entire entry. I'm sure the next entries will not be so long. ;) The next blog will include picture's of Halloween and Lane turning 6!

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The Van Setten Bunch said...

Love the blog, Sister. I started one, too, but couldn't figure out to post it and send it. You'll have to show me. Your puppy is adorable. I'm going to show the pic to Micah, since he always has very creative names for his animals. We'll see what inventive name he comes up with!

Mama C said...

Hi Tonia!
I'm so excited that you started a blog! The pup is super cute. My vote is Chloe or Roxy. Can't wait to read your next entry! Hope to see you soon.

Darci said...

Great Blog! I enjoy reading about your activities. Lucy also started gymnastics recently and is loving it. Joey tried Karate in the fall. He was good at it, but maybe we will try again when he is a bit older. My vote is Roxy...what an adorable puppy.